MK1 offers the latest in products, services and equipment for the underground utility industry. For the last 16 years, MK1 has been pioneering patented inventions to service the state of Texas.

MK1 develops innovative controlled low-strength materials (CLSM) with a focus on recycled solutions for clients servicing municipalities, and private projects that require new or repaired infrastructure. Using state of the art volumetric mixers, MK1 is fast and efficient to respond to any job need of backfilling utility trenches for water, sewer, electrical and gas, as well as applying fiber optic sealant.


Strategic research and development is a key facet of MK1 to stay ahead as a leader in the industry. Our engineers have more than 30 years of experience developing mix designs with proportioned materials to meet different specified requirements addressing issues, such as freeze thaw, shrinkage, rapid set, flowability, segregation, color, air entrainment and compressive strength.

Years of rigorous testing procedures have led our team to file several patents for innovative underground utility products, including a volumetric concrete mixing system, updated micro-trenching and backfill methods, and fast-setting flowable fill compositions.

Every day, we strive to create products and solutions driven by sustainability that will move the industry forward.