About MK1

MK1 offers the latest in products, services and equipment for the underground utility industry. For the last 16 years, MK1 has been pioneering patented inventions to service the state of Texas.

MK1 develops innovative controlled low-strength materials (CLSM) with a focus on recycled solutions for clients servicing municipalities, and private projects that require new or repaired infrastructure. Using state of the art volumetric mixers, MK1 is fast and efficient to respond to any job need of backfilling utility trenches for water, sewer, electrical and gas, as well as applying fiber optic sealant.


MK1 incorporates a sustainable approach to product development with its quality mixes. Several patent designs involving recycled materials of crushed glass and fly ash are currently being used on underground and fiber optic projects around Texas. MK1 will continue efforts to operate as an environmentally-conscious business, which has utilized approximately 100,000 tons of waste and byproducts for beneficial uses in the past 16 years.