About MK1

MK1 was established in 2003 with a company philosophy of striving for excellence in dedication to customer service and products for the underground utility industry.

For over sixteen years MK1 has been a pioneer and innovator with the sole purpose of focusing on research and development which has enabled MK1 to encompass a variance of products and services for many applications.

MK1 provides products and services for open cut utility back fill, abandon pipe fill, annular fill, tunnel back fill and micro and nano fill for fiber optics.  Products are produced using state of the art volumetric mixers with the ability to mobilize within weeks to services out of town or state projects.

On Site Set Up

MK1’s ability to mobilize and stage out of town or out of state gives the contractor dedicated labor, equipment and material on site.  This guarantees the contractor will receive the amount required daily without waiting.  The requirements usually are a joint agreement between the contractor and MK1, and usually are for large projects requiring hundreds or even thousands of cubic yards per day.  The area required can be as minimal as 100 feet by 100 feet to allow MK1 to set up a low-profile silo, stockpile of aggregate and adequate space for material delivery.

Please review our projects and contact us if we can be of service to you. 

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