Background: Thalle Construction Company, Inc. is one of the most respected infrastructure contractors working throughout the U.S. Thalle has extensive experience completing a wide variety of civil construction projects in both the public and private sector.

Thalle contracted MK1 to provide flowable fill for approximately 30,000 cubic yards for the IPL project in Corsicana, Texas. They were given access to a staging area on site to ensure a fast turnaround for loading and delivering of the product.

“The MK1 team delivered material in a timely manner with a professional staff that was easy to work with and able to provide more than 900 cubic yards per day when required. They exceeded all expectations of what a material suppliers’ performance should be when constructing such a large project.”

Project Executive

Thalle Construction Company

Background: SAWS is a public utility owned by the City of San Antonio providing water and wastewater services to more than 1.8 million consumers in the San Antonio region. 

In 2019 the service road of highway 90 experienced a catastrophic collapse due to a sinkhole from a sewer line failure. MK1 was the only company in the market that could meet the demand for this emergency service. The client utilized our rapid set products to meet the demand and quickly get the public roadway back open. 

BackgroundGeofill Cellular Concrete products are lightweight materials specifically designed to provide engineers and contractors with a range of low-density solutions for any number of geotechnical and construction projects. 

Geofill Construction and the MK1 team have had a long working relationship that spans over 10 years providing flowable fill to backfill tunnels.

“From large to small projects, MK1 has always provided excellent products and services with a personal touch that far exceeds our expectations on what a good company is. I highly recommend MK1.”

Production Manager

Geofill Construction