MK1’s projects are aided by the products and services for the installation of utilities and fiber optics throughout Texas. Our suite of solutions include micro and nano fill for fiber optics, open cut utility backfill, abandon pipe fill, annular fill, and tunnel backfill.

Our volumetric mixers allow us to mobilize within weeks to service projects anywhere in Texas. We are compact and nimble needing a minimum of 10,000 square feet to set up a low-profile silo, stockpile of aggregate and adequate space for material delivery. This modular footprint gives contractors dedicated labor, equipment and material on site.

For larger projects requiring hundreds, or even thousands of cubic yards per day, this guarantees the contractor will have the required daily material.



Rapid set flowable fill or RSFF is a rapid-setting flowable fill (CLSM) that is a self-leveling, self-compacting alternative to compacted backfill that is delivered to site by our volumetric mixer trucks. This product is used in high traffic areas that require a fast turnaround time.  When placed to grade, RSFF will allow traffic to be opened back up  in one hour, and asphalt to be placed in two hours. For best results, the surface of the RSFF should not be disturbed by  foot traffic, water, and machinery/vehicles  during this time.


Conventional Flowable fill or CFF is a low strength (CLSM) flowable fill that is self- leveling, self-compacting alternative to compacted backfill that is delivered to site by our volumetric mixer trucks. This product has the same characteristics as the RSFF but with set times of 24 to 36 hours. This product is used for applications that do not require a rapid set material, but if disturbed can impede set time.


Cellular grout is an air entrained product used for pipe abandonment, abandoned mines and annular void. Products vary based on specifications required for each individual project. MK1 has developed specialized mixes and pumped in place for numerous projects that required annular voids to be filled.


In 2016, the team of MK1 opened its division for the application of fiber optic backfill in Texas. Currently,MK1 is providing an approved product for Google contractors in San Antonio and Austin.  Products are delivered by volumetric mixers that guarantees the exact metered quantities onsite.

As the demand for faster internet service increases across the nation, the production of fiber optic infrastructure has spread from cities to rural areas. The introduction of micro-trenching is the method of cutting into asphalt, typically at a depth of 7 to 12 inches and width of 0.5 to 1.5 inches, and is usually between the asphalt and the concrete curb apron. This technique has proven to be the choice of city municipalities to minimize street obstruction and closures, improve safety, reduce costs and speed up production times. Once the process of cutting and laying lines are complete, the street is restored with material that will endure the test of time and is aesthetically pleasing to the public.


Variant Mix Designs can be achieved based on the performance and application specified by a customer. Our engineers are highly trained in the research and development of materials for a wide range of applications and work to customize the right mix for different projects.


MK1 currently manufactures, delivers and pumps for turnkey projects that require pumping shafts in lifts, tunnels for plumbers, inaccessible areas such as washouts under streets, sidewalks, underground storage tanks, abandoned mines, annular void and bridge abutments.